Nick Brown – Immersive Cinema Panel

NickNick currently works as a Stereographer at Stereo D Toronto, where he is responsible for overseeing the high-quality conversion of 2D movies into stereo 3D. Most recently he supervised the 3D conversion of Blade Runner 2049, working closely with Oscar-nominated Director Denis Villeneuve and Cinematographer Roger Deakins to shape the stereo look.

Since joining Stereo D in 2014, Nick has applied his native 3D experience to the conversion process, advocating new and advanced methods to increase the quality and creative use of 3D. His goal has been to show how, with the right techniques, conversion can be indiscernible from native 3D, and in some cases even better.

Want to hear more! Nick will be at Immersed 2017 this weekend. As part of the Immersive Cinema Panel Friday October 20 at 2PM and giving a presentation on Saturday October 21 at 2PM.