About Stereo D

Stereo D is the recognized leader in high-quality conversions of 2D theatrical content into stereoscopic 3D imagery. Formed in 2009 and acquired by Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc. in 2011, the company works with major motion picture studios, directors, cinematographers, and VFX supervisors to bring their vision of 3D storytelling to the screen. Stereo D has completed work for such films as “Titanic in 3D,” “The Avengers,” “Captain America,” “Jurassic Park 3D,” “Star Trek Into Darkness,” “Pacific Rim,” “Need For Speed,” “Godzilla,” “Hercules,” And “Guardians of the Galaxy,” among many others. The company also provides end-to-end 3D production services on feature films, television productions and commercials.

Stereo D enjoys several distinct advantages in the conversion marketplace: Stereo D is run by filmmakers – they understand the language of film, the nuances of the studio system, and the process of moviemaking. Employing the best artists and stereographers in the industry who work with our patented proprietary VDX software, the team at Stereo D creates the most dynamic and beautiful 3D imagery available today. Additionally Stereo D uses a second proprietary software that tracks work schedules and budgets down to a fraction of a frame so that clients have up-to-the-minute budget and delivery status of their projects. And finally, as part of the Deluxe suite of post-production services, working with Stereo D avails the filmmaker a seamless transition from one phase of post to another through Deluxe’s secure 10 GB pipeline – allowing creators to work remotely on their projects in real time.


Stereo D is proud to be recognized as one of the “World’s Most Innovative Companies” by Fast Company (March 2013).